Stephanie Dowrick praises creativity

Stephanie Dowrick praises creativity

Perhaps the greatest gift that we have as a human family is imagination and, with that, our creativity and capacity for thought, expression, language (all the languages of body, vision, touch, as well as speech and silence, and also the languages of the land, oceans, air). Yes, imagination in its most familiar sense can be […]

Universal Heart News, Events & Book Club

New year inspiration: Martin Luther King & Thich Nhat Hanh *  The Moon Shines Out of the Dark SYDNEY 19 January *  Welcome to our “Retreat in a Day” AUCKLAND 26 January * List of 2013 events including Easter Retreat * Glorious treats at Universal Heart Book Club * Video talk: the languages/expressions of love […]

Using Facebook

Stephanie Dowrick writes: ‘Almost a year ago my Australian publishers nudged me to set up an “Official Stephanie Dowrick” Facebook page. They were confident it would be an easy way to communicate effectively with readers, people who come to my talks and those who are actively promoting similar values to mine. And they were right! […]