Stephanie Dowrick Spring Retreat, 4-10 October 2018

Stephanie Dowrick Spring Retreat, 4-10 October 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Spring Retreat with Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick, Mana Retreat Centre, 4-10 October, 2018.  This year’s theme: “Courage, Beauty & Self-Forgiveness” Full details are available via this link to the REGISTRATION PAGE at Mana Retreat Centre, near Coromandel, New Zealand. Shuttles from Auckland Airport, making the travel to Mana both easy and […]

Stephanie Dowrick at Mana Retreat Centre 2017

Stephanie Dowrick at Mana Retreat Centre 2017

Spring Retreat. Contemplation and Action. 5-11 October 2017 “Our search for the sacred connects us effortlessly to all living beings. It lets us discover what is most treasured and transformative in human experience. It lets us see existence itself as entirely precious. What we regard as precious, we will naturally protect.”  Stephanie Dowrick, Seeking the […]

Making Peace With Yourself: Spring Retreat

Making Peace With Yourself: Spring Retreat

Making Peace With Yourself Spiritual Renewal at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand, with Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick 29 September – 5 October 2016 A spiritual retreat offers a unique chance to step back from daily life to find and sustain far greater peace within. In the company of others, and in an exquisitely beautiful […]

Spring Retreat with Stephanie Dowrick at Mana October 2015

Spring Retreat with Stephanie Dowrick at Mana October 2015

Finding peace…and sustaining it. Sublime refreshment inside & out: 1-4 October, 2015; 4-7 October Are you in need of lasting spiritual refreshment, offered in a most beautiful setting and from a genuinely inclusive spiritual perspective? Would you like to be more inwardly peaceful, knowing you can then meet life with greater compassion, interest, courage and […]

Universal Heart Newsletter August 2014, from Stephanie Dowrick

  “We will never achieve what we can’t imagine.” Interfaith service, Sydney, this Sunday 17 August 2014, 3pm: Peace for the world’s children * Next retreat at glorious Mana starts 25 September for 3 or 6 days *  Where are the men?  * YouTube talks * Regular inspiration on FACEBOOK  * Reviewing James Hillman’s A […]

Stephanie Dowrick helps us to heal ourselves and others

Dr Stephanie Dowrick offers a short, rich talk on this vital and timely topic: how we think about (and therefore treat) ourselves and others. The talk was recorded in May 2014 at a short retreat offered by Stephanie Dowrick at the Centre for Spiritual Learning, Wilton, NSW. Stephanie Dowrick’s next retreat will begin on 25 […]

Spiritual retreat with Stephanie Dowrick, Wilton, NSW 9-11 May

9-11 May 2014, Spiritual Retreat: Care for ourselves and others, Wilton, NSW  Are you in need of greater calm, peace of mind and spiritual renewal? Please join us for this short retreat, Dr Stephanie Dowrick’s ONLY retreat in Australia this calendar year.  With easy access from Sydney and Canberra (and places between!), from Friday evening […]

Two very special (and different) October retreats

Dear Network friends Today I am writing to share news of the two retreats that I am delighted to be offering in October. The longer, more “newsy” newsletters I usually send give you a variety of information and it’s easy to miss details of special events. The early October retreat (3-6, 6-9 October) is at […]

Peace testimonies from the Easter Retreat 2013

Peace Testimonies, Retreat with Stephanie Dowrick,   Mana Retreat Centre, Easter  2013 Joo-Cheong As a peacemaker, I will speak against injustice, remembering that peace is not just my birthright but of all humanity. I will live with idealism, seeing the prospect of change even when change seems all but impossible, believing in hope especially when […]

Dr Stephanie Dowrick: events and retreats

Are you seeking greater calm, insight and joy in life? Do you want to see and experience the world around you – and within – with greater appreciation and confidence? Stephanie Dowrick can offer this – and more. She will post shortly updated details of 2014 events. Highlights will include the tremendously positive and uplifting […]

Easter Retreat with Dr Stephanie Dowrick 2012

Easter Retreat, Thursday 5 April – Monday 9 April, 2012. Stephanie Dowrick writes: “The Easter retreat at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand, is a highlight of my teaching year and has been for more than a decade. This year our theme is “The Grace of Kindness” which will open all kinds of doors to […]

Universal Heart Newsletter

Dear Universal Heart Networkers Special greetings with this very first newsletter of 2012, yet doesn’t it seem that this year has already been running along for some time?! Perhaps your days are also sometimes not quite long enough to realise all your good intentions. I wrote a little article today to post on my website, […]