Prayer for all those seeking safety

Prayer for all those seeking safety

On this Christmas morning, let us remember and pray most especially for our brothers and sisters who are without homes, countries or safety. We pray especially for our brothers and sisters held in detention on Manus Island, on Nauru, in detention centres in Australia, for all those denied shelter, dignity and hope. You are not […]

How to restore calm and optimism

It is all too easy to add pain to our suffering when times are hard…telling ourselves how badly we are managing, or that this is how things will always be. In this short, supportive article, Dr Stephanie Dowrick leads us towards a simple practical way of restoring calm, equanimity and even optimism in the present […]

Stephanie Dowrick speaks informally on the power of prayer

Heaven on Earth: Timeless Prayers of Wisdom and Love is Dr Stephanie Dowrick’s most recent book and in this short talk, recorded in December 2013 at Sutherland Shire Library, Sydney, Stephanie speaks persuasively about the power of prayer to help us – and especially how we can pray in ways that are nourishing, uniting, and […]