Stephanie Dowrick: Australia’s choice to “arm” the arms industries

Stephanie Dowrick: Australia’s choice to “arm” the arms industries When governments make decisions that may offend or appall many of us, or that seem to be utterly against the public good, we can only assume they are relying upon our short attention span, or perhaps feelings of helplessness: “What difference can I make?” Well, we can do a great deal. Not least, we […]

Greeting 2017 with a brave heart

Greeting 2017 with a brave heart

As I sit here this very early morning, the house is quiet. The world outside is quiet. The air even now is hot and still. (I will go outside in a moment to water my thirsty plants – all in pots.) It is the penultimate day of what has been a long year, with personal […]

Keeping the heart open

Keeping the heart open

All fanaticism is driven by the ego in its bleakest form, by individualism in its most wretched form. When you must make others “wrong” to justify cruelty and make yourself feel “right”, you are separating yourself from the natural wisdom of the heart. This wisdom shows us our primary purpose in life is to care […]

New thinking on migration and asylum seeking

New thinking on migration and asylum seeking

Please can we pray with the greatest sorrow and compassion for those who have lost their lives seeking what most of us can take for granted: a place of safety and a place we can call home. Until we make this world a kinder, safer and more peaceful place for all, more and more people […]

Dr Stephanie Dowrick speaks on peace (and the Four Noble Truths)

This talk, from the monthly (3rd Sundays, 3pm) interfaith services at Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney, led by Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick, takes us to the personal heart of living peacefully and happily. Stephanie pays particular attention to unnecessary suffering…and how to avoid it. She draws upon her deep understanding and appreciation of the […]

Our world is at a turning point

“It is not an easy thing to be a peacemaker, but it is an essential thing. Our world is at a turning point. We either speak up passionately and act for peace — or we are bystanders of and complicit with violence.”   Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick Read Stephanie Dowrick’s persuasive arguments for peace, and for […]

What is religion? Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh faith

These true, beautiful words come from Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh faith: “Religion lies not in the yogi’s patched garment, nor in his staff, nor in besmearing the body with ashes. Religion lies not in suspending large rings from split ears, nor in shaving the head, nor in the blowing of horns. To live […]

Easter Retreat with Dr Stephanie Dowrick 2012

Easter Retreat, Thursday 5 April – Monday 9 April, 2012. Stephanie Dowrick writes: “The Easter retreat at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand, is a highlight of my teaching year and has been for more than a decade. This year our theme is “The Grace of Kindness” which will open all kinds of doors to […]

Interfaith service with Dr Stephanie Dowrick

In need of spiritual nourishment? Or simply curious to discover whether spirituality has something to offer you? You are so welcome to join us today, Sunday 19 February, at 3pm for the monthly interfaith, spiritually inclusive service at Pitt Street (264) Uniting Church. A block from Town Hall Station. Cross St: Park. Glorious music from […]

Retreats with Stephanie Dowrick 2012

Australia? New Zealand? Japan?  You can join us from anywhere in the world! Early in the New Year, I will post a more complete list of retreats and workshops that I will be leading in 2012. Meanwhile you could choose to give yourself – or someone else – the priceless gift of peace of mind […]

Stephanie Dowrick reviews Anna Funder’s All that I Am

(This review first appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, October 2011) What kind of people dare to dream of a better world than the one in which they find themselves? Ruth – one of this immensely fine novel’s two narrators – names empathic imagination and the actions that arise from it as critical: “Imagining the […]

Saving peace of mind?

In this recent short talk, Dr Stephanie Dowrick discusses some of the common obstacles to our personal peace of mind. These inevitably also “disturb” the peace way beyond ourselves. With a possibly surprising lightness and even optimism, she brings our attention to anger, greed and ignorance – all well known to most of us, all […]