Stephanie Dowrick on marriage rights for all

Stephanie Dowrick on marriage rights for all

Those of you living outside Australia may know that we are currently enduring a hugely expensive, divisive, national “postal vote” survey on the question of marriage equality, which is basically about whether every adult has equal rights to commit to marriage – or not. Currently everyone over the age of 16 who is not already […]

Every day, a Valentine?

Your physical health as well as your emotional wellbeing is dramatically affected by the quality of your relationships. As we approach Valentine’s Day 2012, it’s worth thinking hard about the people on whom we most depend, and that may be your partner. An intimate relationship can so easily be overloaded with a mountain of expectations […]

How to save your marriage!

If your marriage or love relationship is worth saving – and many are! – then these steps may help. They will take you towards a renewed awareness of how you can lift your partner’s spirits – and your own – with consistent, trustworthy attitudes and acts of kindness, consideration and thoughtfulness. These are the most […]