Keeping the heart open

Keeping the heart open

All fanaticism is driven by the ego in its bleakest form, by individualism in its most wretched form. When you must make others “wrong” to justify cruelty and make yourself feel “right”, you are separating yourself from the natural wisdom of the heart. This wisdom shows us our primary purpose in life is to care […]

Stephanie Dowrick invites us to “wake up”

What would it mean to you to “wake up” more completely to your own life’s potential – and to the gift and meaning of life itself? “Illumination” is a word that may inspire…or confuse us. It’s widely used in spiritual life and can itself be a source of genuine hope as well as as inspiration. […]

A teaching from Sufi master, Hazrat Inayat Khan

“If one saw that underlying thread that connects all religions, one would see that all religion is one, as truth is one, as life is one, as God is one.” Hazrat Inayat Khan was an Indian musician and Sufi master who died in 1927 at the age of 44, having brought the message of universal […]

Love’s unconditional welcome (part 2)

Please do watch the 2nd half of Dr Stephanie Dowrick‘s exceptional talk on love’s unconditional welcome where she continues to speak about our need to offer authentic hospitality not only to one another, but also to those parts of ourselves that we may sometimes wish to discard to disown, rather than reclaiming and transforming through […]