Self-Love – Stephanie Dowrick Meditation and Discussions

Self-Love: Accepting Yourself & Loving Others (2 CD Set)

Self-Love allows us to treat ourselves respectfully and affectionately. Yet many of us fear self-love, or misunderstand it.

In this series of six in-depth talks with leading broadcaster Geraldine Doogue, Stephanie Dowrick shows how our attitude towards ourselves is lived out through all of our relationships. And why an understanding of self-love has urgent social as well as personal consequences.

This two-CD set also includes two in-depth meditations on self-love, self-confidence and self-forgiveness. The longer is set to the exquisite music of J. S. Bach, played by Richard Tognetti.

Self-Love, along with all Stephanie Dowrick’s meditation CDs and books, is easily available from Stephanie Dowrick’s on-line bookstore, administered by Seek/Collins.