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The Universal Heart

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A ‘tour de force in matters of the heart’ Claire Scobie, Kindred Spirit      This powerful, beautiful, transformative book reminds us on every page that a life worth living is a life of love. Love is the currency that transcends all others. Love connects us most deeply to our best selves, as well as to other people. The presence or absence of love makes the greatest difference to our happiness, our health and wellbeing. Yet seeking love and sustaining it continues to disappoint many people.

In enriching and practical chapters, Dr Stephanie Dowrick affirms our highest ideals and intentions. Better still, she shows us how possible it is to live them out. With the compassion and psychological depth that is the hallmark of her writing, she also explores the common pitfalls to love. Then, with persuasive wisdom, she helps us to transform them.

Perhaps what also makes this book exceptional is that Stephanie Dowrick shows us how to live more appreciatively across all our relationships, including with our own selves. Through her powers of storytelling, she demonstrates that anything worth discovering about love improves not one but every one of our connections. In a world where fears of not being or having enough dominate, she proves that love is ours to discover, to give and to receive.

Reissued by Allen & Unwin, 2012

ISBN: 9781742378039
Format: Paperback Book
Number of pages: 456


ISBN 0670885843

Viking Australia – First publication: 2000 – No 1. Bestseller

A rare book that combines practical psychological insights with genuine spiritual development.

“A tour de force of matters of the heart” Kindred Spirit

“Deeply attentive and acutely perceptive… infinitely compassionate and accepting” Women’s Health

“”Celebrates altruism and the precious everyday moments of human connection” The Courier-Mail

“Dowrick is a great teacher, a great observer of human behaviour and a fine tactician, but first and foremost she’s a great story teller” Marcus O’Donnell, Sydney Star Observer

“Deeply attentive and acutely perceptive… infinitely compassionate and accepting” Josephine Brouard, Women’s Health

Stephanie Dowrick invites you to discover the power you have to create relationships built on a rich, generous and inclusive vision of love.

She shows how possible it is for you to create positive connections with people. She unravels the knots that end many intimate relationships prematurely. But she is also attentive to the other key relationships in your life – with family, friends, children, colleagues.

Using fail-safe golden “rules”, she shows how you can make lasting change from within – often very simply.

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Penguin Australia – ISBN 0143001051

“”A tour de force of matters of the heart“” Kindred Spirit

“”Deeply attentive and acutely perceptive… infinitely compassionate and accepting“” Women’s Health



Michael Joseph, UK – ISBN 0718145089

In a world ruled by notions of scarcity, how might we discover that the more freely we give love, the more we have to give?

Might peace of mind follow if we could think more about how to be loving rather than how our hungry dreams of love might save us?

In The Universal Heart Stephanie Dowrick explores not just our most intimate relationships, but also the other key relationships in our lives.

She invites us to discover the power we have to create relationships built on a rich, generous and inclusive idea of love.



Penguin UK – ISBN 0141005459

Grow confident in love – and create lasting happiness with others.

“”Heartfelt advice from best-selling psychotherapist Stephanie Dowrick…sound – and practical – advice for living happily”” Image

“”Filled with ancient wisdom and modern commonsense””

“”Infinitely compassionate and accepting”” Women’s Health

“”A tour de force of matters of the heart”” Kindred Spirit



Uitgeverij Contact, Netherlands – ISBN 9025411509

Eeen liefdevol leven is de moeite waard, en wat we hierover ontdekken door dit boek te lezen, verdiept niet allenn onze verhouding met een partner maar ook onze overige relaties.

We ontdekken hoe zinvol het is om contact te zoeken met anderen en hun vrijelijk liefde te geven.

En te ontvangen wat zij ons kunnen geven.


Ripol Publishers, Russia – ISBN 5790523234