Intimacy & Solitude – Self Therapy

ISBN 0704343770

Random House Australia Pty Ltd – First published 1993

In this warm, wise companion to her international bestseller, Intimacy and Solitude, Stephanie Dowrick guides us to greater self-awareness, confidence and happiness through simple, effective self-therapy. She does not provide formula answers, hoping they might fit. Instead she inspires us to develop our own inner strength, enabling us to relate rewardingly to ourselves and others.

This invaluable resource:

• Develops fresh, creative ways to respond to emotional hurdles.

• Uses focused explorations and guided meditations which can fit into and transform the busiest of schedules.

• Encompasses thoughts, emotions, body and spirit to ensure deep, lasting wellbeing.

This modest, good-humored book will enhance the lives of newcomers to therapy, as well as psychotherapy veterans.

“”A great guide to life-positive living”” City Voice


The Women’s Press Ltd, UK – ISBN 0704343770

“”I welcome her inclusion of personal, social, political & environmental in one vision & her gentle, insistent reminder that other people are important too.”” Lucy Goodison

“”Dowrick’s down-to-earth focus on familiar, real-life issues is just one of the things that makes her book stand out from the rest of the self-help crowd.”” Sue Wilson, The List



W.W. Norton & Co Inc, New York USA – ISBN 0393313646

Therapy can be helpful at times of questioning or crisis, and so can friendship. But there are times in most of our lives when it is uniquely beneficial to use and develop our own inner resources.

In this warm, wise companion to her international bestseller, Intimacy & Solitude, psychotherapist & novelist Stephanie Dowrick draws readers in to a particularly accessible & rich way of discovering how to enhance our self-knowledge & skillfully increase our appreciation of others.

Whether you have an hour a week to spare, or just an occasional twenty minutes, this invaluable workbook will not only enhance your emotional and spiritual life, but also awaken and deepen every aspect of your creativity.

“”Tailor made for self-starters who want to enrich and deepen their journey of self-discovery.”” Values and Visions

“”Dowrick’s clear prose and encouraging tone combine with concrete suggestions to back up her assertion that we can change for the better through increasingly close encounters with our individual selves.”” Publishers Weekly

“”A creative way to explore one’s inner life and enrich relationships with others.”” NAPRA Trade Journal

“”[Dowrick’s] goal is to make us aware of the blessings of introspection and to encourage people to take more responsibility for becoming self-aware.”” Suzanne Curley, New York Newsday

“”A warm and comforting book which doesn’t pontificate but simply gives you the space to come to your own answers.”” Health & Fitness Extra

“”Makes growth fun. Good value with lots of sense, but ultimately, this book is about YOU!”” Insight Network



Frauenoffensive Verlag, Deutschland – ISBN 3881042733

Dies ist ein Handbuch zur Selbsthilfe. Stephanie Dowrick ermutigt uns, eigene Staerke zu entwickeln. Sie ziegt uns, wie wir unserer Flexibilitaet, Entcheindungsfaehigkeit und Wahlmoeglichkeiten trainieren und gute Beziehungen zu uns selbst und zu anderen aufbauen koennen. Sie liefert keine Rezept, keine vorgenstanzten Antworten in der Hoffnung, sie wuerden schon passen.

Gefuehrte Meditationen, kreatives Schreiben und Malen und andere fuer sich, aber auch gemeinsam mit anderen anwenden. Ein warmherziges und weises Buch fuer Therapieunerfahrene wie fuer Therapiegewoehnte.

Das Selbshilfe-Therapiebuch ist die praktische Ergaenzung und Erwieterung zu Stephanie Dowricks internationalem Bestseller Zu Zweit Allein.