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Creative Journal Writing: The Art & Heart of Reflection

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ISBN: 9781741751376

Allen & Unwin 2007

First prize COVR awards (USA) in “Self-Help” category

“The impulse to write is natural for many people.  Yet the demands of more public forms of writing can be crushing.  In the private spaces of your journal, a genuine sense of possibility is renewed with every blank page.  The inner critic can be sacked.  The possibilities of style, mood and expression are limitless.”

This elegant, highly persuasive book is ideal for beginners to journal writing as well as those who want to renew or extend what this gentle art can offer.  It includes stimulating ideas and exercises, skills in observation and mindfulness, the capacity to “vent” effectively and an inspiring method to write freely and with great release and enjoyment. Whether you are new to journal writing, or wanting to expand your journal writing skills, this book offers personal stories, prompts, writing exercises and a fresh, positive way of looking at your life “through” the page.  The book also includes an inspiring section on journal writing for spiritual reflection.