Stephanie Dowrick

* Writer * Public speaker * Spiritual and social commentator * Retreat leader * Interfaith minister *

Stephanie Dowrick, PhD is that rare writer who combines psychological insight and training with a compassionate social and spiritual vision and an ability to communicate in person and on the page. She offers an exceptional breadth of experience and reflection in her writing and teaching, from years spent as a publisher, social activist and psychotherapist – and parent – continuing as a widely published writer, social commentator and interfaith minister.

Stephanie Dowrick’s writing and teaching is optimistic, learned and inspirational. Key qualities in her vision include social and personal relationships * emotional intelligence *ethics * spiritual and psychological transformation * forgiveness * happiness * peace-making * religious and social understanding * reconciliation * self-responsibility.

What Stephanie Dowrick does:

* Writes innovative, thoughtful, reader-focused books – and explore their themes in national and international forums.

Connects with readers through Facebook and the Universal Heart Network.

* Speaks in a variety of settings including Breast Cancer Network Australia * school staff groups * professional development * health & medical * community * religious groups

* Offers spiritually inclusive services on a regular basis at Pitt Street Uniting Church Sydney Australia and works for positive interfaith relations and understanding more generally.

* Leads spiritually inclusive retreats and workshops in Australia and elsewhere including at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand.

* Contributes articles and opinions to leading newspapers and to ABC Radio.

* Stephanie Dowrick’s acclaimed books include Intimacy and SolitudeThe Universal Heart * Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love * Choosing Happiness * Creative Journal Writing * The Almost-Perfect Marriage * In the Company of Rilke * Seeking the Sacred * Everyday Kindness

* Her most recent achievement is the publication of Everyday Kindness (December 2011). She is published in Australia by Allen & Unwin and in the United States by Tarcher/Penguin.

* Her past achievements include founding the prestigious London publishing house * The Women’s Press * where she was Managing Director from 1977-1983 and later Chairperson.

* Stephanie Dowrick is the mother of two adult children.