The Almost-Perfect Marriage: One-Minute Relationship Skills

The Almost-Perfect Marriage: One-Minute Relationship Skills

ISBN: 9781741751352 Allen & Unwin 2007 Stephanie Dowrick has been writing about intimacy for many years. She distills here some of her wisest thinking into ideas that can be expressed on a single page – but that can create lasting change.  The emphasis throughout is on respect, understanding, communication and personal responsibility. A small elegant […]

Free Thinking

ISBN: 1741145201 Allen & Unwin 2004 These short, highly accessible “takes” on modern living provide an excellent introduction to Stephanie Dowrick’s work – and ideal bedside reading. Stephanie Dowrick’s writing territory takes her from the profound to the everyday, but always with attention to the biggest question of all: ‘How should we live?’ In chapters […]

Intimacy & Solitude

ISBN: 1740510755 Random House Australia 2002 (Revised and expanded) First published 1991 An international best-seller, this book allows us to understand our relationships with others through a deepened and more self-accepting relationship with ourselves. Six years in the writing, this highly researched yet supremely accessible book was Stephanie Dowrick’ s first major best-seller. It has […]

The Universal Heart

ISBN 0670885843 Viking Australia – First publication: 2000 – No 1. Bestseller A rare book that combines practical psychological insights with genuine spiritual development. “A tour de force of matters of the heart” Kindred Spirit “Deeply attentive and acutely perceptive… infinitely compassionate and accepting” Women’s Health “”Celebrates altruism and the precious everyday moments of human […]

Intimacy & Solitude – Self Therapy

ISBN 0704343770 Random House Australia Pty Ltd – First published 1993 In this warm, wise companion to her international bestseller, Intimacy and Solitude, Stephanie Dowrick guides us to greater self-awareness, confidence and happiness through simple, effective self-therapy. She does not provide formula answers, hoping they might fit. Instead she inspires us to develop our own […]

Daily Acts of Love

ISBN 067088393X Penguin Australia – First publication 1998 There is no source of happiness greater than the practice of love. Stephanie Dowrick shows us in countless warm, practical and far-reaching ways how to make every day a loving day. Open this exquisite book at any page – and deepen your knowledge of love. Sales information: […]

Every Day a New Beginning

ISBN 067089656X Penguin Australia, Melbourne –  First publication 2001 Viking Australia, Melbourne There are moments in all of our lives when we need encouragement and hope. Stephanie Dowrick offers us practical inspiration to see freshly how precious our lives are, and how readily we can regain balance, strength and resilience. Open to any page – […]

Tasting Salt

ISBN 0670873594 Viking Australia – No 1 Bestseller : First published 1997 “Just as the great oceans have but one taste, the taste of salt, so too there is but one taste fundamental to all true teachings of the Way, and this is the taste of freedom.” Buddha Work and love are at the heart […]

Running Backwards Over Sand

ISBN: 0140176292 Penguin Books Australia/ Viking UK – First published 1985 Her mother’s death marked a turning point in Zoe Delighty’s young life. It was as though everything she knew about the world – about life and love – died with her. Zoe’s imaginative life becomes her strength and eventually her means of escape. Years […]

Katherine Rose Says No

ISBN: 0091830125 Random House Australia Childrens Fiction – Illustrated by David Cox Katherine Rose is so pleased when she says her first words, and there’s one word she loves best of all. She says it over and over again. But it’s not a word her parents want to hear!