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Books by Stephanie Dowrick

How to buy these books.

Stephanie’s published works are available through a wide variety of online stores.

You will also find them in many of your wonderful local independent bookstores.

Most can be purchased in both print and ebook form.

There are also audio spoken word book forms available as MP3 downloads and on Audio CD. 

There have been multiple editions released of some of these books.

Other Language translation editions are available for some books by local publishers.

There are also many other books and publications that Stephanie has written in and or participated in the publishing of. Links to digital versions of some can be found on this website.

Suggested online retailers

Booktopia – Print, ebooks and Audio books

Bolinda – Audio books as MP3 files

Allen & Unwin – Australia – Print

Penguin Random House – Penguin USA – Print and ebook

Audible – Audio books

Amazon – Print, ebooks, Audio books and CD’s.

Barnes & Noble – Print and Nook Book

Book Depository – Print and Audio books

Abe Books – Print

Intimacy & Solitude

Intimacy & Solitude – new edition 2021 Intimacy & Solitude: Finding new closeness and self-trust in a distanced world No. 1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER UPDATED IN 2021 “This is a book that can save your emotional life. Finally, someone has deeply, compassionately explored the territory of intimate relationships that can bring such grief as well as joy. Throughout, it offers insights, transformation, and hope. It can surely inspire you to start again.” Subhana Barzaghi, psychotherapist and Zen Roshi The quality of your personal relationships has never mattered more. We need to give and receive closeness to feel fully alive. But do

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Heaven on Earth: Timeless Prayers of Wisdom & Love

Heaven on Earth: Timeless Prayers of Wisdom & Love Winner of the 2014 Nautilus Award represents “Better Books for a Better World”—the Gold Award (Best Book of the Year) in the category of Religion/Spirituality: Other Traditions & Practices. In times of great happiness as well as sorrow, our human family has always turned to the sense of community, connection and ritual that prayer can offer. In times of personal need, confusion, desolation, gratitude, we often reach for words to make sense of our yearnings.  Even those of us who are unsure about prayer. Or who we are praying “to”. Here

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Seeking the Sacred: Transforming Our View of Ourselves and One Another

Seeking the Sacred: Transforming Our View of Ourselves and One Another Can you imagine the world we’d live in if we dared to see all of life as sacred? Part intimate memoir, part commentary, this is a book that’s urgently needed. Especially at a time when religion is increasingly viewed as irrelevant, as the cause of violence, or as making exclusive claims to “truth”. Meanwhile, “spirituality” is often reduced to a sentimental ignoring of social realities. Yet the urge to understand life beyond the material is deep within our human family. Here, with an optimism about human nature that is profound and

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Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials

Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials No. 1 Australian bestseller Winner of the 2009 Nautilus Award represents “Better Books for a Better World”—the Silver Award in the category of Psychology and Personal Growth. Happiness, or its absence, is not always a choice. Nonetheless, there are countless ways in which we can enhance our emotional wellbeing, our resilience, courage and joy, through noticing what is working well in our lives – and what is not. And then, taking charge of our choices. The obstacles to wellbeing that we do not transform, we will live out. This is Stephanie Dowrick’s most practical

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Forgiveness & Other Acts of Love

ISBN: 9781742372266 Allen & Unwin 2010 New edition 2010; first published 1997. A continuing bestseller and comfort to countless readers, this may be one of the most compassionate, inspiring and supportive books you will ever read.  It is also Stephanie Dowrick’s own personal favourite, written in a time of great bleakness that emerged into new levels of understanding and appreciation of life itself. Here, Stephanie Dowrick re-examines for a contemporary audience the six universal humane virtues: courage, fidelity, restraint, generosity, tolerance and forgiveness. At a time when most belief systems seem exhausted or irrelevant, she shows how these qualities have

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The Universal Heart

A ‘tour de force in matters of the heart’ Claire Scobie, Kindred Spirit      This powerful, beautiful, transformative book reminds us on every page that a life worth living is a life of love. Love is the currency that transcends all others. Love connects us most deeply to our best selves, as well as to other people. The presence or absence of love makes the greatest difference to our happiness, our health and wellbeing. Yet seeking love and sustaining it continues to disappoint many people. In enriching and practical chapters, Dr Stephanie Dowrick affirms our highest ideals and intentions.

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In the Company of Rilke

ISBN: 9781742371801 Allen & Unwin 2009 In this timely work, Stephanie Dowrick offers a profound and highly accessible study of one of literature’s most exciting and inspirational voices. Her study of the visionary poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, includes more than 90 of Rilke’s most sublime poems, many translated here for the first time by poet and scholar Mark S. Burrows. She also offers a fascinating analysis of Rilke’s extraordinary life and work from an explicitly spiritual/literary point of view.  The book also includes stimulating, provocative discussion of the experiences of readers. “Stephanie Dowrick’s gift is a capacity for sharing with

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Creative Journal Writing: The Art & Heart of Reflection

ISBN: 9781741751376 Allen & Unwin 2007 First prize COVR awards (USA) in “Self-Help” category “The impulse to write is natural for many people.  Yet the demands of more public forms of writing can be crushing.  In the private spaces of your journal, a genuine sense of possibility is renewed with every blank page.  The inner critic can be sacked.  The possibilities of style, mood and expression are limitless.” This elegant, highly persuasive book is ideal for beginners to journal writing as well as those who want to renew or extend what this gentle art can offer.  It includes stimulating ideas

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Everyday Kindness: new book from Stephanie Dowrick

Dr Stephanie Dowrick’s new book, Everyday Kindness: Short cuts to a happier and more confident life, offers short, wise and often very entertaining chapters on the great variety of experiences that we call “everyday life”. Adding kindness to the mix – or greater care, appreciation, good humour, respect – life itself takes a turn for the better. We feel better. We are far easier and more comfortable to be around. Stephanie Dowrick offers the insight and patience we may need in a time of change or confusion. She offers vigorous, creative encouragement to help us to enjoy life more, as

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The Almost-Perfect Marriage: One-Minute Relationship Skills

ISBN: 9781741751352 Allen & Unwin 2007 Stephanie Dowrick has been writing about intimacy for many years. She distills here some of her wisest thinking into ideas that can be expressed on a single page – but that can create lasting change.  The emphasis throughout is on respect, understanding, communication and personal responsibility. A small elegant book, each page offers a practical insight into how to live with greater kindness, happiness and commitment. 
”It’s not age, sexuality, wealth, religion or culture that will determine the success of your relationship.  It is your willingness to discover what love truly means.”

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Free Thinking

ISBN: 1741145201 Allen & Unwin 2004 These short, highly accessible “takes” on modern living provide an excellent introduction to Stephanie Dowrick’s work – and ideal bedside reading. Stephanie Dowrick’s writing territory takes her from the profound to the everyday, but always with attention to the biggest question of all: ‘How should we live?’ In chapters short enough to enjoy in a single reading, Stephanie Dowrick offers her views on subjects as various as: how to worry less and praise more; what happiness is – and how to achieve it; ageing appreciatively; why and how to meditate; when and whether to

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The Moon Shines Out of the Dark

The Moon Shines Out of the Dark is Stephanie Dowrick’s first children’s book for many years. It’s a tender, touching story for 4-7 year olds, focusing on an enchanting little boy called Harry. The book is wonderfully illustrated by award-winning artist and illustrator, Anne Spudvilas. “A great addition to any bookshelf and a moving story to be shared by families everywhere.” Australian Bookseller and Publisher Launch events for The Moon Shines Out of the Dark – Sydney. October 2012  (Allen & Unwin) Stephanie Dowrick will read the book, talk with children (and adults!) and sign copies at the following venues:

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Intimacy & Solitude – Self Therapy

ISBN 0704343770 Random House Australia Pty Ltd – First published 1993 In this warm, wise companion to her international bestseller, Intimacy and Solitude, Stephanie Dowrick guides us to greater self-awareness, confidence and happiness through simple, effective self-therapy. She does not provide formula answers, hoping they might fit. Instead she inspires us to develop our own inner strength, enabling us to relate rewardingly to ourselves and others. This invaluable resource: • Develops fresh, creative ways to respond to emotional hurdles. • Uses focused explorations and guided meditations which can fit into and transform the busiest of schedules. • Encompasses thoughts, emotions,

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Daily Acts of Love

ISBN 067088393X Penguin Australia – First publication 1998 There is no source of happiness greater than the practice of love. Stephanie Dowrick shows us in countless warm, practical and far-reaching ways how to make every day a loving day. Open this exquisite book at any page – and deepen your knowledge of love. Sales information: DAILY ACTS OF LOVE PAPERBACK – Penguin Australia, Melbourne – ISBN 0140273034 Sales information: DAILY ACTS OF LOVE: A JOURNAL Penguin Australia, Melbourne – ISBN 0140273034 Using the same beautiful short reminders about love, but with space for you to add your own

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Every Day a New Beginning

ISBN 067089656X Penguin Australia, Melbourne –  First publication 2001 Viking Australia, Melbourne There are moments in all of our lives when we need encouragement and hope. Stephanie Dowrick offers us practical inspiration to see freshly how precious our lives are, and how readily we can regain balance, strength and resilience. Open to any page – and feel renewed. EVERY DAY A NEW BEGINNING Penguin Australia, Melbourne – PAPERBACK – ISBN 0143001043 Sales information:

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Tasting Salt

ISBN 0670873594 Viking Australia – No 1 Bestseller : First published 1997 “Just as the great oceans have but one taste, the taste of salt, so too there is but one taste fundamental to all true teachings of the Way, and this is the taste of freedom.” Buddha Work and love are at the heart of this wise, optimistic novel. Around two immensely likeable women – Cordelia and Laurie – circulate noisy, opinionated friends, children, siblings, most of whom share their fascination with place, with creativity, with richly varied human relationships, and with vital, exhilarating questions about the “”taste of

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Running Backwards Over Sand

ISBN: 0140176292 Penguin Books Australia/ Viking UK – First published 1985 Her mother’s death marked a turning point in Zoe Delighty’s young life. It was as though everything she knew about the world – about life and love – died with her. Zoe’s imaginative life becomes her strength and eventually her means of escape. Years later, we meet her again in Europe. She is living a colourful, even dazzling life. But what is she making of herself? This is a novel about self-discovery, passion for people and for living, and – eventually – about healing. Its themes are timeless and

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Katherine Rose Says No

ISBN: 0091830125 Random House Australia Childrens Fiction – Illustrated by David Cox Katherine Rose is so pleased when she says her first words, and there’s one word she loves best of all. She says it over and over again. But it’s not a word her parents want to hear!

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