Writing Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials

The promise of this book is simple: right now you can be happier.

Stephanie Dowrick says:

I wrote Choosing Happiness believing that there are essential skills and insights that we can identify and develop that will allow us to be happier – and to interact with others in ways that are satisfying and rewarding.

This book did not begin with the idea of happiness.  In fact, it began with the idea of the “essentials”.  What are the essential psychological skills and insights we need that will make most difference in how we experience our own lives – and affect the lives of other people?

It wasn’t until almost three years had passed that it seemed obvious to flag to readers through the book’s title that the end result of these changes (some small and instant) is greater happiness!

The very idea that we can take steps to benefit our state of mind is immensely uplifting.   But none of us lives in isolation.  As we feel happier (more self-confident, trusting and certainly far more alive) we also significantly benefit everyone around us.  I love that!

Choosing Happiness is unusually wide-ranging.  In many ways it is the culmination of all that I have learned in more than 20 years of psychological writing.

Written as a series of easy-to-read entries, the emphasis is on personal power and choice.  The book provides focused entries on self-awareness, work, parenting and relationships of all kinds, as well as countless insights and suggestions to build emotional skills and increase your choices in the most practical ways possible.

I also look at some of the really tough contemporary issues: loneliness, conflict, anger, despair, self-doubt and depression.  And I have developed key ways to make time and space in overcommitted lives.

The book itself is beautiful!   The format is fresh and amazing.  I wanted this to be a book that would support people for years as they needed it.  That’s what we have.  Enjoy!

‘Stephanie Dowrick makes the hard questions simple.  She makes the impossible real and possible. Her wisdom is contagious. If anyone can cause a happiness revolution, she can.’

Paul Wilson, author of the ‘Calm’ books