Women living with secondary breast cancer

Adelaide Tuesday  23 October 2007   
Brisbane  Wednesday 21 November 2007

As part of the “”Harnessing Hope, Overcoming Hurdles”” programme for women and their support people – run by Breast Cancer Network Australia and the first of its kind in Australia – there will be two very special events in Adelaide and Brisbane.  These events will include information on the latest  medical research, a talk about BCNA, the “”Hope and Hurdles”” programme and the beautifully produced and supportive information pack, as well as a talk from Stephanie Dowrick, and lunch.

After lunch Stephanie will run an optional hour-long workshop on meditation and wellbeing. 

The events and the workshop with Stephanie are FREE but bookings are essential.

If you know of any woman with secondary breast cancer who would benefit from the outstanding support that BCNA can offer, please take a moment to advise her of these events.  Support of this kind can make a very significant difference.

For more information, to book for either event or to find out about similar events in other centres, please email beacon@bcna.org.au or call BCNA on 1800 500 258.

Stephanie Dowrick is proud to be an Ambassador for Breast Cancer Network Australia