Whole Person Care National Symposium 30-31 October 2009

An inaugural conference for clinicians working with patients with a life-threatening illness. 30-31 October 2009. Sydney.

The aim of this Symposium is to introduce the concept of whole person care to health professionals and to provide insight into strategies to improve patients’ well being – but also health professionals’ well being.

International and national speakers will include Professor Harvey Max Chochinov and Dr Thomas Egnew, Dr. Robin Youngson, Dr. Stephanie Dowrick and others. Topics will include: exploring aspects of hope, dignity conserving care, meaning making, the clinician as healer, burnout and clinician self-care and the interaction of the health service and health provider.

The target audience will include health care workers involved in the care of patients with life-threatening or terminal illnesses: medical and radiation oncologists, general practitioners, palliative care specialists, surgeons, physicians and other health care professionals.

Following the symposium we are honoured and excited to announce that our guest speaker, Professor Harvey Chochinov will be running a two day post–symposium workshop on Dignity Therapy.

Swiss Grand Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Friday October 30 – Saturday 31, 2009

Conference organiser: C/- ICE Australia P/L
183 Albion Street
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

T: +61 2 8282 0544
F: +61 2 9368 1500
E: wholeperson@iceaustralia.com