When change is needed

Feeling stuck, trapped, or helpless?  I’m inspired today to remind you of what you can change. 1. Your mind (your way of thinking). 2. Your spirits (through what you pay attention to). 3. Your power to assert your needs confidently and wisely. 4. What you permit (and don’t) from other people. 5. The way you treat other people (and allow yourself to be treated). 6. Your appreciation of what you have and are becoming. 7. Your way of living (giving time to what matters most).

These are changes that only you can make. They are also changes that you CAN make, small steps at a time. One day at a time. “Yes” to what heals. “No” to what harms. Changes made with love.

I write about this so explicitly – and I hope with much practical encouragement – in Choosing Happiness.  There I make it clear that not “just” our happiness but our entire wellbeing depends on not feeling stuck, however challenging or difficult our outer circumstances. Even when it is grief we are struggling with, or a devastating loss, we can find the essential quiet moments to hold those feelings with compassion and without judgment. We can find ways to allow the kindness or inspiration from others to reach us – however clumsy they may sometimes feel. We can appreciate and create small moments of beauty. We can remind ourselves that the acute, “unbearable” stages of our suffering will pass. They will change; we will be changed. And my own life has taught me that sometimes in the midst of sorrow and confusion we will also deepen our knowledge of life and of who we most truly are.  We can make decisions that support our wellbeing – and sometimes we must.