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Dear friends

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What a joy it is to be able to share with the members of this Network news of my new book, Heaven on Earth. It is in many ways a companion volume to Seeking the Sacred and offers prayers from many traditions, plus prayers I have written. It also includes one longer and several shorter sections on “how to pray”. This will be especially supportive for those of you who may feel you have outgrown the ways you were taught to pray – or perhaps you never learned. It’s a book for contemporary seekers of all kinds – although perhaps you are already wondering whether you need to be a “believer” to pray?! I would say not: neither a conventional “believer” nor a believer in the power of prayer.

Nonetheless, a prayer practice is more than inspirational and consoling. It also quietly, almost subversively refines your mind and outlook…so that you feel more deeply connected to life and far more stable inwardly. (That I do believe!) As you become familiar with the book, I’d love to hear how you are using it and which prayers feel especially “yours”. I’d love to hear from people who are already convinced about prayer’s power as well as from those of you who are willing to discover prayer for the first time, or rediscover it freshly.

On my website I have written a quite personal article about how I came to write this book. Here’s the LINK. Truly, even ten, perhaps five years ago I could not have contemplated it, but now I can see how my teaching and ministry more generally, as well as writing Seeking the Sacred and In the Company of Rilke, have prepared me. And what a privilege it has been. The editions are beautiful: made to last. I am very grateful.

On Radio National’s “Spirit of Things” you can hear me talk about the book with RN’s gifted presenter, Dr Rachael Kohn. That will then be up on their website as a podcast – and they welcome comments. (Please do think of commenting wherever and however you can…it all helps. And positive participation is especially welcome.) On the website of the UNIVERSAL HEART BOOK CLUB there’s a short, very open video discussion I’ve had with Walter Mason about Heaven on Earth.  That was so enjoyable to record – I think you will love it if you are in the least bit interested in or curious about prayer.

You will also find my video discussion with Walter about his terrific, wise and often very funny new book, Destination Saigon.  And finally, after several months of searching, I have found a new company I can affiliate with to offer immediate on-line book sales. It’s QBD bookstore – well known to any of you who live in Queensland. On-line, you can order virtually any book via this LINK.  The dedicated link for Heaven on Earth is THIS.

QBD offer FREE POSTAGE and, as we get settled in, it would be good to hear about your experience of buying from them.

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In addition to the new book, my immensely talented friend musician/composer Dr Kim Cunio and I have been working on a words/music CD to be ready for the end of November. Called “Heavenly”, it will be released at a very special concert in Sydney on Saturday, 23 November 2013, at Pitt Street (264) Uniting Church. We have eight exceptionally talented musicians gathering and it will be a sublime evening. Kim is a master of sacred music; many of you might have heard him singing or performing over the years. He and I collaborated on the Peaceful Mind CD and earlier this year Kim wrote the music and wrote the libretto for a short opera that will be performed in Brisbane and toured in Queensland in 2014. (Another Queensland connection!) We have also been involved in the services at Pitt Street Uniting together since 2006 and the depth of our mutual trust makes this CD quite gorgeous and will also ensure a most beautiful night of music and sacred words.  Do please note that date in your diaries; spread the word via social media; invite those you know and those you don’t know!


Finally, this Sunday (20 October) we have our usual beautiful monthly service at Pitt Street Uniting Church (3pm). If you are in Sydney, know how very welcome you would be. The services are invariably uplifting; I see virtually everyone leaving looking far lighter and brighter. That lifts my heart too. Details follow.

I wish you joy and lasting peace in the month ahead. And delightful reading!

Stephanie Dowrick

 Interfaith Service, this Sunday 20 October 2013, 3pm 

These services may meet your needs for a time of peace and renewal. We offer readings and reflections that are inclusive and inspiring, with shared prayers, brief meditations, a short inspirational talk and always beautiful music.

Interfaith services. 3rd Sundays, 3pm. Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000. Nearest cross Street is Park. Some street parking available. Excellent public transport (nr Town Hall). We do ask you to arrive a little before 3pm if possible as we must start promptly. The service is about 75 minutes. You can also join the community singing at 1-15-2.15pm (before the service) with “Sydney Sings” musical director Elizabeth Lecoanet. A lovely treat.

In New Zealand??  Similar services are offered at the Subud Centre, 19 Formby Ave, Pt Chevalier, Auckland, NZ, each 2nd Sunday at 6pm. To join their mailing list, please contact Patsy Sim psim@orcon.net.nz


You can find talks that Stephanie gives at the monthly services via this YouTube LINK.

You can receive brief INSPIRATION at Stephanie’s Facebook page via this LINK.

May we all be well and happy.

May all beings everywhere live in lasting peace.

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