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  1. Seeking the Sacred Australian tour + Auckland (dates below)
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  3. Website redesign http://www.stephaniedowrick.com
  4. Interfaith service Sydney 21 November 2010

Dear friends

A wholehearted welcome to those of you receiving this newsletter for the first time! And a special greeting to each of you because this newsletter celebrates the publication of Seeking the Sacred, a book I am only just fully realizing has taken me most of my life to be ready to write. It’s also special to me because over the years I was researching and writing it, a number of you responded to my questionnaires and spoke or wrote to me about your own seeking.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Universal Heart Network so it could not be more moving to me that this Network has allowed me that depth of reflection and communication with people whom I would never otherwise have met. The book benefits so much from its personal accounts. I’ve also included much of my own story, living in a number of countries, exploring different traditions and cultures, and opening my eyes in all kinds of ways I couldn’t have anticipated as a girl growing up in New Zealand, then leaving for Europe at the age of 20.

For a good deal of the last four or five years I have been researching and writing Seeking the Sacred – weaving this around my work on Rilke.  And post-Rilke, this last year was perhaps the most intense writing year of my life. But it’s done!

My hope is that this book will affirm a wide range of experiences. And will inspire people to know that seeking can be highly ethical, yet genuinely liberating. I know first-hand, and the book’s stories and ideas support this, that seeking can profoundly deepen our inner confidence and conviction that our own lives matter.  The subtitle is “Transforming our view of ourselves and one another” and that is what I hope it will support: a far more accepting, inclusive view of ourselves and other people, as well as a greater understanding of what brings meaning, insight and peace to our individual lives.

During November I will be traveling widely around Australia and to Auckland to talk about the book.  And hope to meet many of you!

That more public aspect of the publishing journey is especially important to me this time as the voices we tend to hear most piercingly, even raucously, on religious and spiritual matters are generally from the extreme edges: for or against. To have the chance to speak up from a more inclusive but still passionate perspective is rare. At all the events there will be time for Q&A and signing, and at many of them there is supper and socializing.  Full details are on the brand new website. There will be one or two additions but to date the events start on 9 November in Sydney (Stanton Library, 1pm) and include Melbourne (10th), Adelaide (11th), Perth (12th), Sydney (17th), Byron Bay (19th), Auckland (22nd), Maleny (23rd), Brisbane (24th), Sydney (29th).

I look forward so much to seeing as many of you as possible at those events, and do please tell me that you are member of this Network!  It means a great deal to me.  Again, all details of these events are on http://www.stephaniedowrick.com

Some of you might also already have a twitter account or be willing to sign up.

My twitter address is http://twitter.com/stephaniedowric# (too many letters to have Dowrick!)  I will be sending our twitter reminders and updates far more often than these monthly newsletters so do consider it if you haven’t already.  It’s much easier than I thought and than you might expect. I can also twitter when I am doing a major radio interview.

When you click on the website you will see that it has been through its own quite radical transformation. This reflects the changes in electronic media since our last design five years ago, which at that time was also very up to the minute.  Lloyd Sharp my web designer has created a thing of great beauty that is also going to function brilliantly, I think, as an interface between readers and me.  It will be much easier for me to put up news, details of events, services, retreats etc. You will also receive your mailings through the web and if you are reading this forwarded on by someone else, it is very easy to subscribe to the UHN http://www.stephaniedowrick.com/?page_id=5

It is still possible to use the bookshop on the site http://stephaniedowrick.seekbooks.com.au/ and all the other familiar features, plus many new ones, including signing up for my fairly embryonic Facebook page: Official-Stephanie-Dowrick on facebook

Finally, but certainly not least, a reminder of the interfaith service in Sydney on 21 November. Details are below. And Interfaith in Sydney now has its own Facebook page too www.fbook.me/interfaith

In this age of dazzling electronic media I nevertheless send you the simplest greetings of all: my kindest wishes, and prayers for peace, comfort and joy in all your lives.  I hope to see many of you very soon.

Stephanie Dowrick

Interfaith Service, Sydney, Sunday, 21 November 2010, 3pm

Our interfaith services in Sydney are held on the third Sunday of each month at 3pm. These are genuinely spiritually inclusive and may meet your needs for a time of peace and spiritual renewal. Please take a moment to forward these details (or the whole email) to anyone who might benefit.

Interfaith with Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick

  • Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000.
  • Nearest cross Street is Park.
  • Some street parking.
  • Excellent public transport (nr Town Hall). Services about 75 minutes.
  • Children always welcome.

We also offer meditation each Wednesday at (264) Pitt Street, 6-6.45pm.  This is suitable for all levels. No charge. http://www.fbook.me/interfaith