The Universal Heart Network

The Universal Heart Network is the key way that Stephanie keeps in touch with readers. Monthly newsletters let you know about events, services, publications and news.

The Network reflects the values that are at the heart of all Stephanie’s books, and in a special way, The Universal Heart, which inspired the founding of this Network.

Simultaneously we can cultivate self-love, love for others and love for life itself.  Energy and vision arise from this great trinity of experience.
The Universal Heart

Through the Network, you can be among the first to hear when Stephanie announces a retreat, talk or workshop. – some of which are only made known in this way.  She also sends out reflections on events, or from her monthly interfaith services.

Stephanie says:  “The Network was set up around the time of the publication of The Universal Heart in 2000. It has grown to several thousand members and has proven to be a most rewarding way for me to keep in touch with readers while continuing writing my books.  At various public events I have met many of you and it is always a tremendous pleasure to hear that you belong to the Network.”

“My hope with the Network is to intensify a sense of community built on values of tolerance, inclusiveness and deep appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life.  Appreciating our own lives, it becomes far more likely we can genuinely honour and respect the lives of other people. This doesn’t necessarily make life “easy” at all times.  But it does support a larger vision of what life is and can be that will sustain us during tougher times, and can also help us to feel trusting and appreciative when life is going well.”

“If you have not yet joined the Network, you are very welcome.  If you are already a member, special greetings!”

Whatever our background, culture or race, what rewards us most powerfully and consistently are the most deceptively simple abilities of all: the ability to be kind, to live enthusiastically and creatively, to appreciate and understand experiences different from our own, and to sustain a sense of inner stability and trust even in unwelcome and difficult situations.
Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials

Looking around us, we can see how others also suffer – and may need our help.  We can see that the seasons of suffering are often and quite incredibly followed by seasons of insight, increased wisdom and even joy. We can see that sometimes the suffering is of our own making – and it is we who must urgently and humbly make amends.  We can see that help comes when we ask for it – but sometimes wearing strange disguises.
Forgiveness & Other Acts of Love