Testament to booksellers

This exhausting, exhilarating book tour has reminded me again how vital booksellers are in a writer’s life. My publishers, Allen & Unwin, have looked after me magnificently, making it possible for me to visit bookshops, and to speak at so many events where books were sold. This has given me direct contact with many hundreds of readers – a total joy – and with the booksellers themselves.

I love to visit a bookshop where the booksellers are passionate about what they doing. An enthusiastic bookseller can literally mean the difference between success and failure (eating or starving!) for a writer. Those quiet, thoughtful recommendations are priceless. So is remembering when a customer has loved one of your earlier titles, and is likely to love this new book also. Thanks and bravo!  An early selection of wonderful photos follow, capturing some of the great bookshop moments in Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane, Maleny. There will be more events in 2011. But first, time to read!!