Stephanie Dowrick wishes Valentine Happiness for All


Let’s declare Valentine’s Day as a day for all.
Love has infinite expressions…Let’s open to their mystery, their beauty, and their healing.
Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day as inclusively as possible: all those lessons in love (some so necessary, so timely; some so hard), all those teachers of what love is or can be (some lost, some harsh, some infinitely precious); all those moments of illumination; all those hesitant steps through the darkness; all that bursting forth with new hope and new life.
Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with particular appreciation for those who have loved and love us – in our perfect imperfection.  (Thank you, thank you.)
Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with renewed conviction to love more soulfully. (How can you do that…? How can your own soul guide you to do that….what will a change bring?)
Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day remembering love as our most essential nature.
Let’s celebrate love. Let’s live love.
“Where there is great Love, there are always Miracles.” Yes!!!

(Today, and every day, take every chance you can to show kindness, thoughtfulness, appreciation. They are all expressions of love. Your brief “moment” of kindness or consideration may bring many, many moments of renewed hope or wellbeing to another’s heart. It is our greatest gift and privilege to be able to lift the spirits of other people. We can do this also following the rule of the “Second Mile”: not because we will necessarily be rewarded or admired or thanks – but because we can. That is our true spiritual freedom.)

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