Stephanie Dowrick Spring Retreat, 4-10 October 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Spring Retreat with Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick, Mana Retreat Centre, 4-10 October, 2018.  This year’s theme: “Courage, Beauty & Self-Forgiveness”

Full details are available via this link to the REGISTRATION PAGE at Mana Retreat Centre, near Coromandel, New Zealand. Shuttles from Auckland Airport, making the travel to Mana both easy and comfortable.

The annual Spring Retreat with Stephanie Dowrick is a rare chance to experience your life freshly, from its most honouring and sacred perspective. This is a retreat which opens us to the sacred through focused, inspirational teachings, as well as personal enquiry, reflective silence, and community with others sharing your retreat experience. We are also blessed by coming together in the most extraordinarily beautiful surroundings.

Our 2018 retreat theme is particularly positive, timely and strengthening: “Courage, Beauty and Self-Forgiveness”. Stephanie Dowrick offers clear, wise teachings within a genuinely inclusive spiritual context, drawing on wisdom traditions that belong to all. The focus is always on how we can weave our retreat insights into everyday life for the greatest benefit to us and to all who share our world. A spiritual retreat, this offers welcome periods of silence and a constant practice of mutual consideration. Each day includes silent and guided meditation, teachings, time for walks, reflection and guided reflective periods. There will also be time for questions and quiet discussion. The beauty of Mana and the kindness offered there support the deep peace of retreat. As usual at our Spring Retreats, Stephanie will be accompanied by Reverend Hilary Star who brings to these retreats an example of loving-kindness of great benefit to all.

Is this for you? You do not need to be familiar yet with a spiritual retreat routine, but we do ask that you come fully aware there will be significant periods of silence and personal reflection. There is support throughout, but this is not a psychological workshop: it is a spiritual retreat where we can reflect on how we are living and what we are bringing to our own lives and to the world. It is a rare and beautiful experience.

If this retreat does call to you, PLEASE register as soon as possible.  Our welcome is unlimited, but accommodation is strictly limited and we truly want to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Peace in all hearts. Peace in our world.

(Stephanie would also like to remind you that “Interfaith in Sydney”, along with the BK Inner Space Centre, now offer monthly gatherings for world peace – and peace in our own hearts. These include guided meditation, a short talk (usually given by Stephanie) and some beautiful music (usually led by Kim Cunio and Heather Lee), followed by tea, refreshments and community, each 3rd Sunday at 11am, 181 First Avenue, Five Dock, Sydney. Easy parking should be available nearby. Also plenty of buses. If you can arrive by 10.50, we would appreciate that. We finish the program by 12.30. All welcome.)