Stephanie Dowrick speaks on transformative appreciation


On 19 June 2016,  the tenth anniversary of our services at Pitt Street Uniting Church, Sydney, Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick spoke on the beautiful topic of deep appreciation. This is a radical, transformative quality when we allow it to be, dramatically challenging the competitive, aggressive, cynical way of life that can come to seem “normal” in the world around us. It’s a quality that strengthens us as well as softens us, especially when we regard it as a way of life and being, perhaps even as a grace available to all. Appreciation (from others) is an experience we all desire; the power to offer appreciation – including for the gift of life itself – is just as essential. As a sacred practice, it permeates and changes outlook, action, and others’ experience of us.

Please enjoy and share this talk. We meet each 3rd Sunday of the month at Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street, Sydney, and have done since June 2006. We gather as a single human family, leaving labels at the door, sharing our desire for a more sacred, appreciative, peaceful way of life and being.

We draw our teachings from the wisdom traditions, growing our capacity for loving living and for peace-making. We offer beautiful music, inclusive teachings and prayers, community, and loving kindness. All are truly welcome.