Stephanie Dowrick speaks on the sacred

Please enjoy this unusually frank discussion of what it means to commit ourselves to a deep appreciation of life: to see ourselves as spiritual beings – with human challenges – and to see all of life as sacred, including the shadow. Dr Stephanie Dowrick was being interviewed on her book Seeking the Sacred, but this is her chance also to share her most personal and deeply felt views about the sacred and her life-long journey to understand and live it, in the complexity of 21st-century life.

Stephanie Dowrick’s Seeking the Sacred

The filming and interviewing was done by Peter Kirkwood for Eureka Street, and is interwoven with some discussion at an event organised in Sydney on 11 October 2012 by Eremos. The church to which Dr Dowrick refers is Pitt Street Uniting Church, where she has been leading interfaith services since 2006. Please enjoy this. And visit “Official Stephanie Dowrick” on Facebook to comment.

“There is only path:the path of love.”