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Stephanie Dowrick on YouTube: Transforming our view

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In this short, immediately uplifting talk, Dr Stephanie Dowrick reminds us of our power to contribute to a kinder, more tolerant world – and that we will lift our own joy and delight in life as we do so. This profoundly affects how we will regard and trust our inner resources when we do have to face the inevitable suffering that is also part of life – or support others who are suffering.

Stephanie Dowrick uses as her inspiration the beautiful Sarum Primer prayer: “God (goodness) be in my head…and in my understanding”, bringing its universal, inspirational application to life with lightness of heart and spirit.

This is one of a number of talks recorded at the monthly spiritually inclusive services Stephanie Dowrick leads at Pitt Street (264) Uniting Church, Sydney (3rd Sunday of each month, 3pm). Everyone is truly welcome. Sublime music led by Dr Kim Cunio and Heather Lee. Singing group 1.15-2.15 pm, led by Elizabeth Lecoanet.

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