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Stephanie Dowrick on “The earth, our teacher” YouTube

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At the special service for the earth – and all who inhabit it – Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick began her talk with these memorable lines from American poet, Raymond CarverAnd did you get what you wanted from this life? Even so?/ I did./ And what did you want?/ To call myself beloved, to feel myself/beloved on this earth.

We invite you to listen to this talk, share it widely, and think deeply on how your love for the earth, for life, for nature and for human nature can be enhanced – and also reflected in your own sacred activism. Stephanie shares many ideas and you are welcome to share your own on her Facebook page.

Interfaith in Sydney, congregation, 18 Nov 2012

Elizabeth Lecoanet, Shyla Nelson & Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick


Dr Kim Cunio, Elizabeth Lecoanet, Heather Lee

Special thanks to Brad Harris for his filming, uploading of video, and photos.