Stephanie Dowrick encourages you to grow braver in spirit

Please enjoy this short, heartfelt talk from Dr Stephanie Dowrick on what it means to “grow in spirit” even and sometimes especially when your circumstances are hard or especially challenging. No, this is not “easy” – but it is slowly possible – and the benefits will resonate throughout our lives. On the day she gave this talk, Stephanie herself was under considerable pressure which adds to the sense in many of her talks that she is unconditionally “with us” and not teaching or preaching from any distance. She herself was inspired that day by these words from Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield:

Jack Kornfield, from ‘A Path with Heart’                                         

As our development of self grows

And our heart becomes less entangled,

We begin to discover a deeper truth about the self;

We do not have to improve ourselves;

We just have to let go of what blocks our heart.

When our heart is free from the contractions of fear,

anger, grasping and confusion,

the spiritual qualities we have tried to cultivate

manifest in us naturally.

They are our true nature.

The spirit of our life changes from struggle,

Of trying to make up for weakness and insufficiency,

To one that enjoys and rests upon

A sense of belonging and wholeness.

The experience of our true nature

is luminous, sacred, and transforming.

It is found beneath all images of self and emptiness

in the great silence of our being.


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