Special FREE events

Special FREE events with Dadi Janki, 90-y-old female yogi, and Sister Jayanti

Wednesday 22 November 2006, 6.30-8.30pm,
Melbourne Town Hall

Sunday 26 November 2006, 4.30 – 7pm,
University of New South Wales (Sir John Clancy Auditorium)

Stephanie says, “”These events offer a very special opportunity to learn how to face each day with greater confidence and peace of mind, and to meditate with Dadi Janki, a humble, unpretentious, marvellously joyful female yogi.  At the age of 90, she brims with love and still travels the world constantly.  If you have never meditated or believe you can’t, come anyway.  The peace of mind will be contagious!  There will also be a talk from Sister Jayanti, herself a most inspiring teacher, and music from David Jones, Carmen Warrington and others. I am hosting the Melbourne event and speaking very briefly at the Sydney event.  Both events highlight the ‘Just-a-minute’ peace of mind initiative from the Brahma Kumaris who also ran the worldwide ‘Million minutes of peace’ programme some years ago.””

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