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SMH Review of Seeking the Sacred

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A review of Seeking the Sacred by Claire Scobie has been published in the Spectrum section of the Sydney Morning Herald  – November 13-14 2010.

On the path to transformation

A provocative thinker explores some of the big psychological and spiritual issues of our day.

Review by Claire Scobie

Seeking the Sacred is like a chalice of wisdom. It overflows with inspired and inspiring quotes, with teachings from the Torah, the Bible, from Buddha and Rumi, from a young Muslim pharmacist living in Sydney and an Aboriginal lawman. Through it all is Stephanie Dowrick’s distinct voice. She has a way of addressing the reader as if he or she is sitting opposite, breaking bread, sharing a cup of tea, which makes all her books, but especially this one, a cosy and intimate experience. Dowrick is a fellow traveller and her empathy for how hard the journey is shines alongside her belief that the sacred can illuminate the way home.