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Seeking the Sacred

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Seeking the Sacred is like a chalice of wisdom. It overflows with inspired and inspiring quotes and teachings…Through it all is Stephanie Dowrick’s distinct voice.” Claire Scobie, Sydney Morning Herald Whether you are a spiritual seeker or simply curious, Seeking the Sacred is a book that speaks to your deepest longings and needs. It also affirms a view of humankind that is at once  inclusive, uplifting and respectful.

This is spirituality in action, literally transforming how we see the world, ourselves and one another. Its wholehearted realization of the sacred supports people to value their own and other people’s lives in new ways, urging them to reappraise their beliefs and strengths, and offering genuine answers to the profound question, “What is a good life?”

The inclusiveness and depth of this book brings a much needed change in perspective to the highly contemporary religion debates. More powerfully and personally, if affirms each reader’s desires to live a life that is meaningful, connected, healing and rewarding. Stephanie Dowrick regards this as the book she has needed almost three decades of writing, thinking and spiritual exploration and practice to be ready to write. We believe it is also a book that countless people have been waiting to read.

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