Relaunch of Stephanie Dowrick’s website

Today we relaunch Stephanie’s Website. 25/10/2010

While the existing website has been a successful system for Stephanie to communicate online about her writing and other activities, many things have changed in online capabilities and expectations.

The last major website update was launched in early 2005 when we moved from a few simple static webpages to an online Content Management System (CMS). Internet and mobile communications technology has moved on significantly in 5 years. Facebook was created in 2004 and moved to its current web domain in 2005 around the same time Stephanie’s new site was updated. And Twitter was created in 2006.

It is great to see so many people using and viewing the site and giving great feedback to us.

We hope this new website will provide a more immediate and focussed way to interact.

Thank you all and we hope the new experience is a positive one for you.

Web Admin –

We have transferred some of the older material onto the new site for archival reasons.