Reader’s response to Choosing Happiness!

First reader’s response to Choosing Happiness!

Robert Maron of Canberra bought a pre-publication copy of Choosing Happiness and sent this wonderful response, the very first from a reader!

Thank you, Robert!

I sent my wife out today to see if she could buy me a copy ( I was working, no bookshop nearby) and I now am the proud owner of your latest book, “”Choosing Happiness””. It is sooooooooo goooooood and lovely to hold and look at. Yum. I am sure I will have many hours of exploration and inspiration ahead of me. I remember reading your “”The Universal Heart”” book a few years ago, and feeling peace in me as I read it. I will reread that too. I also have two sets of cards of yours which I shuffle (almost daily) and then pick one from each pack to carry around with me for the day’s inspiration.
Well done.