Prayer for all those seeking safety

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On this Christmas morning, let us remember and pray most especially for our brothers and sisters who are without homes, countries or safety.
We pray especially for our brothers and sisters held in detention on Manus Island, on Nauru, in detention centres in Australia, for all those denied shelter, dignity and hope.
You are not forgotten. You are not alone. Goodwill surrounds you. Freedom will come.
Freedom will come. You are not forgotten.
We who have homes hold you in our hearts as valued members of our one single human family under God. We pray you will feel our care. We pray you will know that you are not alone. We pray that you will offer to one another the kindness and dignity that our country is, for the moment, denying you.
We long, with you, for the peace, freedom and care that is your human and divine inheritance.
May you feel the presence of compassion through one another’s kindness, and through our prayers.
For those of you fleeing wars, we pray for an end to war, to all wars. We pray for an end to greed, power hunger, violence of any kind. We pray for wisdom in the presence of conflict.
Today and every day we welcome with all our hearts a great new rising of hope and reconciliation. We pray for peace.
Reaching to all hearts, we pray for peace.
For those of you fleeing the horrors of hunger and poverty, we pray that you might find the care and self-sufficiency that you need. We also pray for greater justice in our world, so that what the world gives may be far more fairly shared.
For those of you living in spiritual poverty, those who feel alone, disappointed, abandoned by life, or despairing, we pray with all our hearts and might for a renewal of hope from within, for courage, tolerance, gentleness, and for an awakening to the beauty of life itself.
Discover and rediscover your innermost essence, wherever you are, however you are. Believe in what you know to be true: that each of us is a soul, worthy of life and of love. Our dignity arises with that. Love pours forth from that awakening. You are not alone.
In the words of Sufi Master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, “May the blessings of God rest upon you. May God’s peace abide with you. May God’s presence illuminate your heart, now and forever more.”  img_1104Blessed be.
(I have written this prayer, prompted by Robyn Roshan who wrote to remind me of the despair so many feel as they face their 4th Christmas on Manus Island. She will share these words with those on Manus. Thank you so much to Robyn and to all who are working tirelessly for this injustice to end.)