Peace testimonies from the Easter Retreat 2013

Peace Testimonies, Retreat with Stephanie Dowrick,

  Mana Retreat Centre, Easter  2013


As a peacemaker, I will speak against injustice, remembering that peace is not just my birthright but of all humanity.
I will live with idealism, seeing the prospect of change even when change seems all but impossible, believing in hope especially when cynicism and despair seem more natural.
I will live for idealism, committing to the truth that the world can be a far better place.


I am a peacemaker when I breathe and live from the place of peace within me;
when I see the Divine life in others when they cannot see it in themselves;
when I am open to receive nourishment, care, support and loving;
when I unconditionally accept myself.

Be loving and accepting of love
Be kind to myself and others
Be a good friend to myself and others
Make peace with myself and others
Live in the ‘now’ for today IS the day

As a peacemaker I will…

Live from a place of the heart, offering the best of who I am to others, and to myself. I will do this by asking, is this loving? Is this kind?
Acknowledge that although I have fear, I am not my fear. Courage is the antithesis of this fear. I can find courage by increasing thoughts and actions of joy and love; lessening thoughts and actions of anxiety and pain.

I will begin over and over, a daily practice of loving kindness
 I will remind myself, over and over, that this ground I stand on, wherever it is, is sacred and holy ground
 I will explore with curiosity and deepen my understanding of my values, my principles and my intentions
 I will endeavour to process and take responsibility for any upsets or disturbances I experience in my feeling life
 I promise to open myself to Divine Inspiration in all aspects of my life

I will choose my words carefully;
Kindness will be my motto;
I will teach and be taught;
I will speak and live my truth;
I will be my own fan club;
I will walk in others shoes;
I will listen with an open heart;
I will continue to discover the true meaning of love.

I will
explore with delight and curiosity
enquire and pay attention to what lies beneath
honour commitments to myself as I do commitments to others


I will
make an effort to sort my own house before I give advice ( a spring clean works just as well in the autumn)
embrace and love that we are all different
use my ears more than my mouth
not be scared to speak up if I witness an injustice
not sweat the small stuff

Stop struggling with yourself, with your opinions of others. They will go on with their lives, you will go on with yours. That is OK.
For some, being a friend means you will meet again, you will make time for them.
For others, being a friend (to yourself and to them) means you will not. That is as it should be.
Try to be less impatient with yourself. “Make a friend of the teaspoon!” [in the dishwasher :)]. This will allow you to–hopefully–be less impatient with others (e.g. friends, students, a partner, colleagues). This could take a while. Be patient with that knowledge also.

Recognizing that non-violence starts at home, I will:
Treat myself with care.
Speak to myself as if I was my own parent.
Treat others as I deserve to be treated.
Listen deeply to understand and feel.
In recognition of non-violence, I summon my courage and integrity every day.
When solutions are called for, I will foster the emergence of creative options.

I will speak to myself as a true friend and nurture my spirit
Give others the benefit of the doubt
I will see love in actions from others
I will open space for joy in my life

I will
send good wishes liberally
do some things often that are useful, effective as well as kind and loving
work towards harmony
work towards embodying my highest values
remember that less is more
make tiny little efforts each day
use discernment often
be grateful for small things (since I have been to China, this includes toilet paper!!)
acknowledge the strengths of both myself and others

I will
Seek other peace makers
Ring the bell of peace….
Dance and sing with you on the curve of the circle of life. (this, most of all, brings peace, love and joy to my being)

Donna D
I will
Turn my re-actions into carefully considered pro-actions
Be mindful of my words so that I speak with messages of love
Offer my ears for those who need to be heard

Our next retreat at beautiful Mana will be 3-6,6-9 October 2013 (2nd part optional).

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