Peace IS the way

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Peacemaking in our personal lives, peacemaking globally: this is the most urgent challenge of our time. Happiness, wellbeing and safety depend on it. To consider others and treat them with respect; to lift other people’s spirits wherever we can; to keep them and ourselves safe: nothing else matters more.

21 September International Day of Peace Let’s celebrate this day to the full by taking every possible opportunity to create peace: for ourselves, for others, for the earth’s creatures, for the earth itself. Peace is the supreme message of the greatest teachers the world has known. Peace is the most profound gift we can bring to others; it is also the source of our greatest contentment. Start with your thinking, perceptions, judgements…your “view”: let all be peaceful. Let others feel peace in your presence. As you read this article, many families are “at war”. May they see the pain and futility of this. May they open to the gifts of peace. Resolve conflict fairly and intelligently. Take responsibility for ALL the harm you cause. Take it as your noble privilege to think and act tolerantly and generously. Grow into your beauty; know yourself as a being of peace. Together we can – we must – create a peaceful world.


 Dr. Stephanie Dowrick’s most profound and practical writing on peace comes in Seeking the Sacred. She has also spoken on this topic many times. Below is a short talk given recently by Stephanie Dowrick on peacemaking in our daily lives. She gives special attention to Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths, particularly to the unnecessary suffering that we may cause – and can cease to cause. Peace in our time; peace in our lives.

With special thanks to Brad Harris of “It’s All One Song” for the posters, and for posting Stephanie Dowrick’s talk on YouTube. You can comment on this or any other article on Stephanie Dowrick’s Facebook page.