One year. Two books.

Stephanie Dowrick’s most recent books are Creative Journal Writing: The Art & Heart of Reflection and The Almost-Perfect Marriage. Creative Journal Writing is written for beginners and also experienced journal writers who want fresh inspiration and a greater sense of energy and originality in their writing.  It includes some wonderful stories from journal-writing members of the Universal Heart Network. The Almost-Perfect Marriage is for people in relationships of all kinds – and goes directly to the attitudes and behaviours that truly make a world of difference to people’s happiness, confidence and well being. Stephanie has been asked many times why the book isn’t called “The Almost-Prefect Relationship” and how she chose the book’s very striking format.

Creative Journal Writing: The Art & Heart of Reflection
ISBN 9781741751376

The Almost-Perfect Marriage One-Minute Relationship Skills
ISBN 9781741751352

Two reasons.  First, I think it makes an intriguing and attractive title!   Also, I have been writing about relationships more broadly for 25 years and have consistently emphasised how important it is to think about all the relationships in our lives.  But in this small book I wanted to pay very particular attention to committed intimate relationships – not least because they are often where we invest our highest hopes and feel our greatest disappointments when they don’t work out.  People may not be formally married but still have the same level of commitment.  They can also feel totally at home with this book.

As to the format, the “big” version of how to live and behave and enjoy life more is available in Choosing Happiness. And the more complex issues this book touches upon are fully developed in Intimacy & Solitude.  I can wholeheartedly still recommend both those books – they contain the depth of what I have learned over these many years of writing – but I wanted this book to offer something different.  I wanted it to have a real sense of immediacy because I know that change can begin the moment you see something differently. I was also aware that it would make the book far more attractive to male partners who often want to do anything but wade through a longer book on relationships!  Finally, this book is about developing strengths.  Longer discussions of problems and “reasons why” “didn’t belong here.”