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Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials

No. 1 Australian bestseller; SIlver Award Winner, Nautilus Awards (USA), 2009 

“Written with lightness and elegance…a modern bible for the soul.”  The Age, Melbourne

“”In an era of inauthenticity, Dowrick is a godsend. Her gift is the ability to write in a manner that genuinely enriches and changes lives. Choosing Happiness is a glorious book – both in intent and in scope. In many ways it is the only book you need ever buy on happiness. Not only is it a wise and enjoyable read it is also an invaluable reference book to return to again and again.”  Nigel Marsh, CEO and author of Fat, Forty & Fired

“”Profound and practical [from] Australia’s foremost self-help author…A beautiful book that distils ways to change how you think about yourself and others to live a happy life” Sunday Telegraph

“This book may be [Stephanie’s] most accessible and useful so far, because it’s about changing the way we relate to other people so we can be happier.  Most importantly, it’s about changing the way we relate to ourselves.”  Canberra Times

Happiness is not something that can be bought, sold or simply wished for. This powerful, broad-reaching book summarises the most powerful insights from Stephanie Dowrick’s years of writing. She effectively shows that our chances for happiness, contentment and resilience – and for affecting other people positively – soar when we understand how to find ways to relate thoughtfully and appreciatively with the people around us, how to increase our caring engagement with the wider world and how to develop and enhance a trusting, compassionate attitude towards our own selves – all areas of our life where we have real choice.

“Choosing Happiness is a companion for the happy and not-so-happy times in your life when you need inspiration and comfort and a reminder of the fundamental essentials required to make a difference in how we experience our lives and how we affect the lives of others…a remarkable book”   Pink

“Speaks to a wide readership with intimacy, clarity and directness” The Australian

“Profound and practical [from] Australia’s foremost self-help author…A beautiful book that distils ways to change how you think about yourself and others to live a happy life” Sunday Telegraph

“”Fascinating book…opens the doors to greater self-knowledge, helps you
recognise you can choose your responses to people and change your
attitudes…every page offers incredible insights….If you crave to live
your life in a more powerful, proactive and positive way, this is the book
for you”” Health and Fitness (UK)

“In the latest from inspirational author Dowrick (Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love), she explores the seven “essentials” that can provide contentment in a world that values material success over internal fulfilment. The problem, Dowrick writes, is that people have lost track of what is genuinely rewarding: “to be kind, to live enthusiastically and creatively, to appreciate and understand experiences different from our own, and to sustain a sense of inner stability and trust even in unwelcome and difficult situations.” Each chapter includes a series of mental exercises, self-examinations and meditations to explore and illuminate, in manageable steps, seven broad life skills which can seem overwhelming: “Trust who you are”; “Let your values and goals work for you”; “Choose your attitudes and responses; “Build self-respect”; “Consider others”; “Honor the people you love”; and “Think and act positively.” Collaborator Greer interjects a series of questions based in concrete problems—balancing family and work, coping with guilt, forgiving oneself and others—that keep the proceedings grounded. Part self-affirmation series, part cognitive psychology and part meditation on the power of generosity, this is a thoughtful and sincere guide for those seeking to find happiness within.” Publishers Weekly, USA, January 2008

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