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Rainer Maria Rilke: Publication of In the Company of Rilke

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Time to celebrate the US publication of In the Company of Rilke! This is the first full-length study of Rainer Maria Rilke that explores and unfolds his writing primarily from a spiritual perspective. It’s a book I spent years preparing to write and writing and it is very dear to my heart. Like many others (including Lady Gaga, I hear!), I believe that Rilke was the great visionary poet of the 20th-century. Certainly his complex psychology and unconventional views, perhaps especially about religion and our urgent need to free ourselves from restrictive thinking – along with the steadiness of his trust in the transcendent dimensions of living – make him a true voice also for our times. With his fearlessness about what he called ” the deepest things” I believe that he meets our yearnings for beauty and meaning in ways barely dared by other writers. Certainly he remains one of the few poets who is increasingly widely read.

A friend of many exceptional women including painter Paula Modersohn-Becker, husband of sculptor Clara Westhoff and lover and intellectual companion of pioneering Freudian psychoanalyst and writer, Lou Andreas-Salome, his personal life is also of exceptional interest.

And I pay close attention in this book to readers’ needs: what do we want from our finest writers – not intellectually only but also spiritually?  In the Company of Rilke includes almost 100 of Rilke’s  poems, many translated and some for the first time by eminent US Rilke scholar and poet, Mark S. Burrows.  This beautiful Tarcher edition is also available in the UK and Europe – and I long to hear that it has found many new readers.

For US readers it is available through general bookshops and also discounted via Amazon

For Australian and NZ readers it is available through general bookshops and also discounted via Collins/Seek on-line bookshop