Greeting 2017 with a brave heart


As I sit here this very early morning, the house is quiet. The world outside is quiet. The air even now is hot and still. (I will go outside in a moment to water my thirsty plants – all in pots.) It is the penultimate day of what has been a long year, with personal sorrows for some of you, with collective sorrows and outrage for many of you, but also – I so hope – with some moments and experiences of genuine clarity, insight, and spiritual unfolding.
Could today be the day in which you consider with new strength and honesty what you are ready to let go?
It could be a dependency that harms you emotionally and physically, a way of thinking that constricts you, an habitual emotional response that fails to bring the results you want. (Facing, not avoiding, is what will support you and carry you forward.)
It could be a postponing of what would support you or other people.
Could today be the day in which you consider with new integrity and honesty where you are ready – and even eager – to begin anew?
This is where spirit can rise to join with will! (” I can…I will…I want to…I am ready…”)
Inner support is always available when we open mind and heart (and will) to a better way – and resolve to follow it with a sincere and personally chosen plan of action.
It could be treating others with more consideration, taking greater and keener initiatives perhaps socially, perhaps at work. It could be living more imaginatively and creatively (how would that look for you?). It could be forgiving others, or yourself. It could be taking up a new attitude to finding work, doing daily tasks, co-operating with other people. It could be asking for less…or (often) allowing others to give to you.
You will have many ideas. Give yourself time to ask, “What needs to be let go…?” Then write in your journal before returning a number of times to the same question.
Give yourself time to ask, “What am I ready to see differently?”
Give yourself time to ask, “How can I bring more appreciation/ mindfulness/ compassion to my daily existence?” “How can I see others in a more understanding light?”
Give yourself time to ask, “Are there old stories in my life that have outlived their usefulness? Who am I ready to be? Where is my soul rising and shining?”
Give yourself time to ask: “Where can there be more joy, lightness of heart, or healing attention to a new or old grief?” Write, reflect, write again.
Your inner wisdom is waiting. Your soul strengths are always with you.
Blessings to you all wherever you are. Peace in your heart. Peace in our world.

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