Five star review – Seeking the Sacred

This review from Australian Bookseller & Publisher magazine (November 2010, Vol 90, No. 4), a division of R R Bowker LLC. © Copyright 2010, Thorpe-Bowker.

Seeking the Sacred is a powerful new book from the bestselling author of Choosing Happiness. The opening sentence, ‘Our search for the sacred may be as individual as our fingerprints’, immediately inspires contemplation. As an experienced psychotherapist and more recently an inter-faith minister, Stephanie Dowrick conveys a clear message that life is sacred. She asserts that the fundamental desire for the majority of the world’s people, no matter what their belief system, is profoundly similar: people want to feel safe and be adequately fed and sheltered. But we also want to feel that our existence has a purpose and that we are an element of a greater whole.

Drawing on teachings from the ancient Egyptians, Sufi masters, Buddhists, and Carl Jung, to name a few, this book centers on five major themes: reverence, identity, love, ‘do no harm’ and transformation. Dowrick argues that understanding these themes and how they translate into everyday life can radically change our perspective on the world and how we treat others.

Seeking the Sacred can be confronting reading, presenting Western culture as primarily self-absorbed and with an endemic need to blame others for the world’s ills. But it is also inspirational and promotes personal insight. Dowrick has written a thought-provoking book that will resonate with readers of any religious, cultural or philosophical background. (5 stars)