Finding Peace…A spiritual retreat 1-4 or 1-7 October 2015


Sublime refreshment inside & out: 1-4 October, 2015; 4-7 October

Are you in need of lasting spiritual refreshment, offered in a most beautiful setting and from a genuinely inclusive spiritual perspective? Would you like to be more inwardly peaceful, knowing you can then meet life with greater compassion, interest, courage and joy?

“I know what a different person I would have been without Stephanie’s wonderful teachings at Mana. It’s because of her encouragement and wise words that I am able to live my life with courage and conviction.”      Jude F.

It is impossible to adequately convey how deeply restorative a spiritual retreat can be – especially when it is offered somewhere as physically beautiful as the Mana Retreat Centre in Coromandel, New Zealand. Truly, you need to be there. Dr Stephanie Dowrick is Australia’s leading writer on spiritual life. Also a trained psychotherapist and an interfaith minister, she has been leading retreats at Mana for 15 years. “Every retreat is different,” she says, “but the differences are in content and who’s present. What is absolutely predictable from year to year is how changed and enriched people feel by the time they leave. They are not only rested, they shine.”


This year’s Spring Retreat runs from 1-4 OCTOBER, 2015, with an optional extension from 4-7 OCTOBER. Our theme is the peace we need and how to sustain it not only for the benefit of others and for our world, but for our own whole-self wellbeing. Peace is the quality from which all other spiritual powers flow. Peace brings choice, freedom of thinking, physical readiness to engage with life and to live energetically and creatively. We will not only think about peace; we will also live it.

During the final three days we will deepen our times of silence, with extra time also for meditation, personal and shared reflections, walking, journaling and resting. During the earlier 3-days, Stephanie Dowrick will teach each day. There will be time throughout for questions and carefully guided discussions, in addition to meditation and personal reflection. Body treatments are available as an optional extra throughout (other than at teaching or meditation times). Nourishing vegetarian food, and unfailing kindness in every aspect of retreat life, are hallmarks of the Mana experience. Stephanie teaches from a deeply knowledgeable, inclusive spiritual perspective, always allowing each person to find his or her way to bring the teachings to life through everyday living.

Here are just some of the immensely positive comments from participants in recent retreats:

“Stephanie’s teachings at Mana always bring a freshness of perspective to me. Stephanie has a gift – she speaks to the universal wisdom we hunger to remember in a way that meets the listening of our times. I leave Mana each time with a deep sense of peace and joy to take back into my everyday life.”  Deborah Sim

“It’s always such a privilege to learn from Stephanie Dowrick’s teachings – and even more so since we have, as a couple, attended Mana retreats together.  The Retreats become such a treat!
So much more meaningful to learn together how to live a good life.  So much gratitude to Stephanie for her wisdom and brilliance”.  With loving kindness, Ruth and Robert

“Every year I commit to being on retreat with Stephanie. For me it’s a time of remembering, of being nourished and inspired. Being there grows my loving connection to myself and others “ Judith A.

“Stephanie gives her heart and soul to the teachings and we are absolute beneficiaries.”

“If you come to Mana with an open mind and heart, you will leave with them overflowing. A wonderful experience on so many levels.”

“Stephanie is most extraordinary. I couldn’t ask for more.”

“The Easter Retreat is a unique experience of peace amongst glorious surroundings and with the most gifted teacher of our region. I am blessed!”


A link follows to give you a printable pdf about this exquisite opportunity to participate in a deeply peaceful spiritual retreat for either three or, with deepening peace, for six days.

Dowrick_Finding Peace Retreat2015

You will also find more information via this RETREAT LINK or you can go direct to MANA RETREAT CENTRE to book your place. People attend these retreats in the spirit of peace from all kinds of backgrounds, brought together by the desire for a greater depth of understanding of the sacred and how to bring that to daily life with compassion and enthusiasm.