Dr Stephanie Dowrick on seeking and finding illumination

“Your life is and can be your greatest teacher!” Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick, in this immensely accessible talk, shows how we can bring to life the sacred power of illumination in our everyday lives. She particularly shows how this idea, ideal, experience can allow us to learn from every one of our experiences – those that are welcome and those that are not – as well as understanding what “coming awake” means, along with our power to choose. The talk was recorded at the spiritually inclusive monthly services Dr Dowrick leads at Pitt Street Uniting Church, in Sydney. (3rd Sundays; 3pm) Given in February 2014, this was a most powerful way to begin our services for 2014: giving each of us a real chance to dive deep into an understanding of what “seeing” truly means and how this can transform or transfigure our lives and clarify what matters most and where we can give our lives and attention. Please note that all of the recorded video talks from the services that Stephanie leads are available via InterfaithinSydney YouTube link.

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