Stephanie Dowrick offers spiritual support in this secular age

Are you yearning for practical, meaningful personal support? Please take time to enjoy this talk, given in the Tom Keneally Library at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts in Sydney on 26 March 2014. Here, writer and spiritual leader Dr Stephanie Dowrick reflects on our needs for spiritual support especially at a time when religions fail many, or do not meet their deepest yearnings for consolation, compassion, inclusivity and meaning. Ours is an age of anxiety and disconnection for many: how can we meet that and relieve or heal it in our own lives and – vitally – in the lives of others? This deeply thoughtful talk is practical as well as inspirational. Stephanie Dowrick especially draws on two of her more recent books: Seeking the Sacred and also Heaven on Earth:Timeless Prayers of Wisdom and Love. You may be interested also in Heavenly: a CD of prayers spoken by Stephanie Dowrick, with exquisite sacred music from Kim Cunio and his ensemble, available as an album or as a download. Click HERE for further details from http://www.universalheartmusic.comSeeking the Sacred is widely available as a book – postage free via this LINK – and also as an unabridged AUDIO, read by Stephanie Dowrick, that can be purchased as a download or as a multi-CD set from Bolinda Publishing. This LINK will help you. You cannot leave comments on this website but that is possible on Stephanie Dowrick’s FACEBOOK page.

Two heaven covers

Seeking the Sacred was the starting point for this unusually frank video interview.