Do you really want to be well?

In a series of five audio files, recorded at Mana Retreat Centre, NZ, October 2011, Dr Stephanie Dowrick teaches on the spiritual as well as psychological dimensions of what it means to be genuinely “well” – even when your physical health is compromised or uncertain. She also teaches on the vital topics of healing, the nature of suffering (and where and how it can be avoided or lessened), and – finally – on forgiveness. Her teachings include her perspective on Buddhism’s famous “Four Noble Truths”. The last of the files includes a Q&A in response to retreat participants’ questions.

These teachings are highly encouraging, synthesizing the spiritual with the psychological, and sharing ideas and skills that can have an immediate and positive impact in all our lives.

The series of 5 audio files follows, recording Stephanie Dowrick’s teachings on “wellness”, healing, suffering and forgiveness. Recorded at Mana Retreat Centre, NZ, October 2011.  You are welcome to post your comments and responses to these teachings and discussions on Stephanie’s Facebook page.