Daily Inspiration

Each of us needs to be inspired IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. Yesterday’s inspiration may have been perfect for yesterday…but is not what is needed today. Be subtle in your thinking as well as curious and open. Perhaps start by asking: “What is happening…what is at the front of my mind, my concerns? What is happening for those around me? And in our shared wider world?”

Then, taking your time, and from a deeper consciousness of heart and soul, you can ask: “What is needed, here, today? What soul quality can I rediscover and express today? What will best support me to grow in compassion as well as wisdom?”

You may be surprised to discover what richness of vision is quickly available to you. On some days, though, you may need to turn to inspiration outside yourself: to a favourite book, or a prayer, or guided meditation. Some of you use my own Heaven on Earth book on prayer, opening it at random. Others use Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials when your seeking feels more psychological.

Nature, other people, music, a sense of momentary detachment and choice: all of these can radically inspire us. And our world needs that from you.