Christmas wishes from Stephanie Dowrick


Wishing joy and peace to each of you. Wishing peace to our world and happiness for all.

Thank you for another year of sharing Universal Heart values and news. The effort each of us makes to create a kinder, safer, more appreciative world truly matters. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

If you are in Sydney, I will be co-leading a very gentle, inclusive service at 11pm on Christmas Eve night (Tuesday), starting promptly at 11pm: Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street. You would be so welcome.

Stephanie Dowrick

The noblest prayer is when those who pray are inwardly transformed into what they kneel and bow before. – – Angelus Silesius


A link to Stephanie’s Christmas talk on the sacred meaning of hospitality: LINK.

A link to ABC Radio National’s “Spirit of Things”: interview with Stephanie Dowrick and Kim Cunio, and extract from their “Heavenly’ concert: LINK

A link to Stephanie Dowrick’s website (including buying details for the studio recording of Heavenly), plus many uplifting articles, and details of Heaven on Earth: LINK.