Choosing Happiness events – a great success

Stephanie says,

“”I have met so many of you at the Choosing Happiness events all around Australia and New Zealand over the last five or six weeks [from 10 October 2005].  It has been a tremendous experience to be talking about such a relevant, far-reaching topic and I feel so encouraged by your enthusiasm and responsiveness.  I have also been very stimulated by many of the questions that I have been asked, especially about the social impact of developing our emotional skills and insights.  It has been extremely touching also to have a few moments to chat to each person as I have signed your books and to hear which of my earlier books have been especially helpful.  This is the best possible writer’s reward!

I have been delighted too with your response to the physical format of this new book – and perhaps especially to the “”entry”” structure which was central to Catherine Greer’s original vision of what a book of psychological and spiritual essentials could be.  (Catherine was the collaborator on this book, working with me on the vision for it and on some of the research, as well as offering a series of touchingly honest questions to which I respond.)  She wanted the book to have many entries and entry points, depending on what a reader needed at any particular moment.  She also wanted the information or inspiration to be instantly accessible, when that was needed. It was a delicate writing task to achieve this while not sacrificing authenticity and depth, so your warm response to this  format is particularly rewarding.””

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Here are just a few images from the Australian and New Zealand Choosing Happiness events.  If you have more that you would like to send in, please feel free to send them to

Brisbane, Auckland, Adelaide: some images from the Choosing Happiness events.