Celebrating Rilke

Celebrating In the Company of Rilke

We celebrate the publication of Stephanie Dowrick’s long-awaited new book, In the Company of Rilke – where she explores with contagious enthusiasm and depth of insight “”Why a 20th-century visionary poet speaks so eloquently to 21st-century readers yearning for inwardness, beauty and spiritual connection””.

The beautifully produced book includes more than 90 of Rilke’s most sublime poems as well as a fascinating analysis of his life and work from an explicitly spiritual/literary point of view.  The book includes stimulating, provocative discussion of the experiences of readers – often overlooked in what is actually a profound compact between writers and readers.

“Stephanie Dowrick’s gift is a capacity for sharing with readers her lifetime’s pleasure in poetry and the company of one of the greatest of poets.”
David Malouf, poet & novelist

“This book is lovely: serious, informed, honest, warm, delightful to read. Stephanie Dowrick has accomplished something wonderful, bringing us into the companyof the most human of men and into the presence of his astonishingly beautiful poetry. ” John Armstrong, philosopher & writer

“Stephanie Dowrick’s undertaking ‘In The Company of Rilke’ is daunting and impressive in its scope.  Rilke articulates a profoundly beautiful depth and subtlety of spiritual longing and experience that many can relate to, a context Dowrick uses succinctly to hold us in, as she deftly journeys into the soul and haunting expression of this reluctant 20th century mystic.”
Judith Pemell, author of The Soul Illuminated

“Dowrick has immersed herself in the poetry and life of the renowned writer Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) and her book extols his relevance to today’s readers yearning for spirituality…while all Dowrick’s writing has significant grounding in spirituality, this is Rilke’s fundamental theme, so this book might act to open up a new readership among spiritual seekers.”
Kevin Mark, Australian Bookseller & Publisher

“Listening to Stephanie speak about her book I discovered that Rilke offers men in particular a wonderful opportunity to explore their inner world without it appearing overly feminine or ‘soft’.”
Rodney Cole, therapist and suicide prevention programme leader

“Stephanie Dowrick’s writing and career are characterised by motifs of renewal and re-imagining..Dowrick’s work is eclectically informed and pioneering…Dowrick is an ideal reader – open, creative, patient and sometimes sceptical. She vividly creates a sense of readerly receptivity to the mysteries of a poem…The inner memoir that emerges is fully conscious of its provisionality and studded with the moments of recoil, or difficulty, inherent in any deep connection…Dowrick places Rilke’s stark line ‘You must change your life’ at the book’s centre.”
Felicity Plunkett, Sydney Morning Herald