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Breast Cancer Network Australia

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One of the themes I always talk about at the BCNA forums around Australia is the “best friend” rule: treating ourselves with the same consideration, respect and kindness that we would treat those we are lucky enough to call best friends. It is such a simple insight but potentially transformative, especially when we are feeling ill, fragile or plain scared. And insight alone is not enough! We also have to put it into practice: sometimes (often) day by day.

The two final (free) BCNA forums for those with breast cancer and their support people will be held on 7 November (Wollongong) and 11 November (Adelaide, SA).  Other speakers include beloved Olympian, Raelene Boyle, and also incomparable CEO and founder, Lyn Swinburne. The forums provide outstanding support, information, encouragement. In my 10 years (or more!) giving talks and gaining support from this marvelous organisation I have seen for myself that everyone leaves feeling uplifted. Unfailingly. Information:  And please know that BCNA provides on-going groups, as well as information packs, phone support and other invaluable services on a year-round basis.